What Sets Us Apart

You Are Our Priority

When you come to Craig L. Menker, DMD for your orthodontic care, you can be assured you are our highest priority. Everything we do is focused on you: your comfort, your needs, and your smile, always.

Dr. Menker and our orthodontic team are passionate about providing care that changes lives of people we care about. You see, orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth; it’s about getting to know people on a personal level and becoming friends with them during the treatment process. For us, orthodontics is about delivering gentle, compassionate care to wonderful people who we look forward to seeing when they come for their visits.

Orthodontics is also about transformation. Every day, we meet amazing people and start them on the path to a beautiful, healthy smile. When they first come to us, many of our patients are ashamed of their teeth and feel uncomfortable about their appearance, acting withdrawn and shy. But as they see their teeth begin to properly align, and witness the change in their smile, patients begin to blossom. They seek out opportunities to talk with new people, they walk with more confidence, and, best of all, they smile and laugh openly and with joy. Their lives are better and happier, and we loving being part of the process making it happen!

For our team, orthodontic treatment is about creating smiles, and changing lives, one person at a time.

Our Commitment to Customer Care

Our team members are experienced professionals who genuinely love helping people and building relationships with them. Whether we’re caring for a child, teen, or an adult, we enjoy the conversations and the laughter we share. We strongly believe we are here to serve our patients, not the other way around, and are always available to help, whatever a patient needs. All you need to do is ask!

At Craig L. Menker, DMD, we promise the following to our patients:

  • To treat each person gently and compassionately
  • To respect each person’s time, money, and unique needs and goals
  • To offer ethical treatment recommendations
  • To provide care in a sanitary, modern, welcoming environment
  • To be available, whenever a patient needs us

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

The first step in your orthodontic journey is to schedule a complimentary consultation at either our Warren or South Plainfield, NJ offices. Please call, today. Everyone on our team looks forward to welcoming you to our smile family!